Below we have provided a brief overview of the core philosophies that Kim and Paolo believe true to good health. These ideals are based on each professional’s experience in medicine and health education and define the core of our teachings.

1. Exercise nearly every day and make certain it is fun.  Find an activity to do, something that makes you feel happy and moves your body like dancing, biking, skiing, surfing, enduro, trial hiking, gardening, housework, crafts. Do this as often as possible. Movement is essential also for good digestion!
2. Eat organic as much as possible, Eat fresh raw food or baked food. Read food labels. Know what you are putting in and on your body. Food is the root of health!
3. Chew well and calmly. The first step of digestion takes place in mouth!
4. Eat early, not late, let your food digest before bed.
5. Eat only foods you feel are digestible for you. Do not eat foods you are intolerant to. Listen closely to your body’s hints, such as don’t eat when you are not hungry.
6. Take simple meals. No mixtures, eat no ore than 5 kinds of foods in every meal, place one single natural food at a time in mouth.
7. Avoid food between meals.
8. Eat only the amount of fiber that works for your body (do not assume more is better).
9. Be outside in the pure air and in the sunshine often.
10. Sleep as long as possible in an airy, quite, and dark room.
11. Breathe with your diaphragm.
12. Have a home that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Home should be your sanctuary.
13. Have quiet time every day to read, meditate, daydream, or just sit and watch nature. Always keep learning.
14. Be with happy, goodhearted people as often as possible.
15. Believe that there is help and you can feel better if you are sick. Strive and experiment with good health always.