More Fiber May Not Be The Answer

Eating More Fiber Can Make You Sicker

In the United States we are bombarded with messages about fiber. More fiber. Fiber drinks. Fiber in yogurt. Whole grain fiber. High fiber cereals, high fiber snacks. It’s everywhere. And everyone thinks they should probably get more of it.

Well, this may not always be the case. Fiber doesn’t work well for everyone’s body and can actually worsen digestive symptoms. 

Some people find that a low fiber diet gives them much better digestion.

This seems counter to what some people might have told you but we encourage you to give it a try.

Try reducing your fiber and see what happens. You may find that your constipation clears up and your diarrhea goes away when you eat less fiber.

Add Fiber Slowly

If you are experimenting with your fiber intake take it slow. Give yourself time to find your own fiber number. It might not be as high as you expect.

Kim’s fiber number for example is 7-10 grams per day. Anything above that and she gets bloating.

Her search to find the right foods has lead her to discover several lower fiber fruits and vegetables like strawberries, potato, and spinach. Use Google to help you quickly find the fiber content of fruits and vegetables.

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