Food Intolerance: Testing and Reintroduction

Many Food Intolerance Tests are Expensive and Unreliable

Food intolerance is a hot topic today in health seekers. Food intolerance testing has become popular, and is an expensive route for many who are seeking better health. Unfortunately many food intolerance tests are not giving valid, reliable test results.

Bad results on food intolerance testing can lead you to make poor eating decisions. Sometimes you will get a false positive results for foods that are not causing you problems. Other times foods that you do not tolerate will test okay.

In Paolo’s many years experience treating food intolerances as a Gastroenterologist he has found that a more reliable way to evaluate for food intolerance is a methodical and slow reintroduction of foods after a short period of fasting. This method for testing food intolerance is inexpensive and allows you to do so in your own time and own home without blood work.

*Note this does not include attempting to reintroduce foods that are known allergens. When you have a known allergy to a food, you should not attempt to eat that food again.

Testing Foods for Intolerance By Reintroduction After Fasting is Reliable and Affordable

It is quite easy to try this kind of food intolerance testing for yourself. Paolo recommends a complete day of fasting with only drinking water, herbal infusions, broth, or tea. Do not attempt fasting (going without food) if you have a medical condition without speaking to your doctor first.

It’s always a good idea to do your fast in a relaxed environment, light activity, and enjoyable hobbies make the day pleasant.

On the second day eat normally and introduce only one food that you suspect you are sensitive to. Listen closely to your body for signs of intolerance after eating the test food.

If no problems arise then try another suspected food on day 3.

Continue the testing this way. Add one suspected food per day. Any foods that cause discomfort should be discontinued for a period of time then retested later if you so wish. Continue on this way in a slow, methodical consideration of food and their affect on your body. After a period of time you will have a list of acceptable foods and foods that you are intolerant to. This is a truly simple and reliable way to test for food intolerances.

If you find yourself intolerant to a specific food take a few weeks, or months, off from that food. You can try a reintroduction later. Some people find the food intolerance clears up, others find that the food never works for them.

Some people feel so much better without the food they decide to not eat it again!

Food Intolerance Testing is a Good Way to Improve Your Health

Testing your tolerance of foods is an important way to extend the benefits of fasting. Understanding and isolating foods that cause your body harm is a good way to improve your health. Avoiding foods you are intolerance to is a means for reducing inflammation, making you feel better, and helping to prevent diseases.

A more advanced form of this kind of food intolerance testing is the Mayr Therapy, a cornerstone of the care that Paolo has provided to his patients over his many years as a Naturist physician. Mayr Therapy uses gradual reintroduction of foods after a period of supervised fasting to test the effects on the body. Foods are gradually reintroduced after phase one of the Mayr Therapy. The first phase is detoxification. Then, a longer period reconstruction in phase two helps your build a dietary program which support vitality, health, energy, and mental clarity for a lifetime.

Ideally we will repeat our intolerance testing¬† so that our diet can evolve with our body’s needs over time. A good time to do this is when you have a period of tranquility in your life.

We hope this discussion helps you understand a practical and affordable way to test for food intolerances.

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