Roemheld Syndrome: The Heart Gut Connection

Your gut can affect your heart. Roemheld Syndrome is a condition where pressure in the gut can cause the heart to behave abnormally. This problem comes from the complex relationship between the gut and the nervous system, and the nervous system’s connection to the heart.

Roemheld Syndrome causes the heart to skip or race and blood pressure to rise or fall when the gut is distended and compresses the Vagus Nerve in the abdomen.

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Food Intolerance: Testing and Reintroduction

Many Food Intolerance Tests are Expensive and Unreliable

Food intolerance is a hot topic today in health seekers. Food intolerance testing has become popular, and is an expensive route for many who are seeking better health. Unfortunately many food intolerance tests are not giving valid, reliable test results.

Bad results on food intolerance testing can lead you to make poor eating decisions. Sometimes you will get a false positive results for

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Do you suffer from heartburn symptoms?

Some people describe heartburn as a strong pain, burning, or ache behind the breast bone after eating. These feelings can begin shortly after eating, or hours later. Some people experience pain and discomfort of heartburn with every meal.

Heartburn is all too common in the United States. Some might call it an epidemic. There are a lot of sick digestive systems today.

Did you know that one of the primary causes of heartburn is a type of ulcer?

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