Living Healthy- 10 Ways

The information about how to live healthy can be completely overwhelming today. We’re bombarded with news and social media posts about the latest thing. It can be exhausting and down right discouraging to try to sort through the how-to of getting healthy.

What if it could be simple? What if you could have 10 principles that you used, 10 simple ways to be healthy. Just think, you could count them on your fingers. That’s it. 10.

That’s what we are going to bring you. A simple guiding map for getting healthy with 10 ways, 10 simple methods, all that can be easily done. No special purchases, no supplements, no hard diets.

That is what Paolo and Kim will soon provide you. Stay tuned. You’re going to love this easy formula for getting healthy.



Additive Alert- Titanium Dioxide in Foods May Harm Your Gut Health

Recent studies have found that nono-particle Titanium Dioxide, sometimes used as  a food additive, supplement additive, and cosmetic additive can have serious effects on digestion. Researchers examined epithelial cells to look at disturbances when exposed to nonoparticle Titanium Dioxide. The cells showed a decrease in ability to absorb important nutrients like Iron, Fatty Acids, and Zinc.

Nanoparticle Titanium Dioxide is a much much smaller version of Titanium Dioxide. When ingredients are used in the nano-particle form they can take on different health effects. This is the case with Nanoparticle Titanium Dioxide.

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More Fiber May Not Be The Answer

Eating More Fiber Can Make You Sicker

In the United States we are bombarded with messages about fiber. More fiber. Fiber drinks. Fiber in yogurt. Whole grain fiber. High fiber cereals, high fiber snacks. It’s everywhere. And everyone thinks they should probably get more of it.

Well, this may not always be the case. Fiber doesn’t work well for everyone’s body and can actually worsen digestive symptoms. 

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Fasting and A Limited Ingredient Help Break The Cycle of Bad Digestion

Day after day of eating hard to digest foods, eating too fast, and eating bad ingredients takes a toll on your digestive system. That can leave you feeling bad. Dealing with pain, bloating, and either constipation or diarrhea, or both even. So how do you break the cycle?


Just like your muscles need rest after exercise, the digestive system can benefit from a rest period.

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Food Intolerance: Testing and Reintroduction

Many Food Intolerance Tests are Expensive and Unreliable

Food intolerance is a hot topic today in health seekers. Food intolerance testing has become popular, and is an expensive route for many who are seeking better health. Unfortunately many food intolerance tests are not giving valid, reliable test results.

Bad results on food intolerance testing can lead you to make poor eating decisions. Sometimes you will get a false positive results for

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What is your fiber number?

There is a big misconception in American that more fiber is better. The actual fiber you need is very individual. Some of us do not digest fiber well, and eating too much of it can lead to gas, bloating, cramps, sleep problems, heart palpitations, and much more. People who have IBS are particularly susceptible to fiber.

Fiber Marketing, Everywhere

Time and time again we are told, “eat more fiber.” TV commercials and magazine ads boast the value of fiber additives, drinks, and high fiber cereals. These ads always show glowing faces on happy people.

High fiber products have been touted as the fountain of health, fighting heart disease,  constipation, and much 

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