Kim & Paolo’s ebooks are offered so people just like you feel better and have more energy.

Our mission is to provide practical, easy, natural remedies and methods for better digestion. With a combined 75 years of experience in clinical practice, research, and teaching  we offer tried and true approaches that are easy to understand and apply to busy American lives.

The strategies shared on this website are based on a “Naturalist” perspective and draw from European eating and lifestyle practices. Learn more about our philosophy here.

In early 2016 we teamed up to create a series of E-books on topics related to digestion, the root of all health. To date, two free e-books are available, and more are in process. In addition to these ebooks be sure to follow the blog as helpful information will be published there on a regular basis. You can also keep up with our content by following us on Harmony by Kim and Paolo

Available E-books

5 Reasons Bloating is Serious

Often overlooked as a simple nuisance that everyone deals with, bloating is actually a much more serious condition than you might think. Bloating is not just a bulging belly, it affects your energy and much more. In this e-book learn 5 reasons why bloating is an indication of something much more problematic in your health. By understanding the mechanism of bloating, you can begin to take charge and make changes that will help you feel and look great. Download 5 Reasons Bloating is Serious Here.



Belly Harmony Yoga

One key to a happy digestive system is movement. We spend many hours sitting and riding in the car in today’s times in America. As a result this can slow our digestion resulting in bloating, cramps, diarrhea, and more. Bad digestion can in turn lead to fatigue, mood problems, and health troubles. Use these simple postures and breathing exercises in Belly Harmony Yoga to help calm your body and nourish your digestive track with healthy blood flow. This book includes a collection of basic, beginner friendly yoga moves for digestion with easy to follow instructions and variations.¬† Do any of these exercises alone or use one of our 3 yoga sequences which need only 10-15 minutes of time to help you attain better digestion. Download the Belly Harmony Yoga Ebook Here