Do you suffer from heartburn symptoms?

Some people describe heartburn as a strong pain, burning, or ache behind the breast bone after eating. These feelings can begin shortly after eating, or hours later. Some people experience pain and discomfort of heartburn with every meal.

Heartburn is all too common in the United States. Some might call it an epidemic. There are a lot of sick digestive systems today.

Did you know that one of the primary causes of heartburn is a type of ulcer?

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What is your fiber number?

There is a big misconception in American that more fiber is better. The actual fiber you need is very individual. Some of us do not digest fiber well, and eating too much of it can lead to gas, bloating, cramps, sleep problems, heart palpitations, and much more. People who have IBS are particularly susceptible to fiber.

Fiber Marketing, Everywhere

Time and time again we are told, “eat more fiber.” TV commercials and magazine ads boast the value of fiber additives, drinks, and high fiber cereals. These ads always show glowing faces on happy people.

High fiber products have been touted as the fountain of health, fighting heart disease,  constipation, and much 

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