The Naturist Approach to Digestive Harmony is a collaboration of two health educators with a combined 75 years of experience. We’ve partnered to bring simple, natural, European food-based healing and lifestyle strategies to the United States. These time tested health practices are ideal for resetting health problems. Our helpful advice centers on treating your body well so it will feel energized and function as it should.

These ideas have never been more important. Modern American lives are incredibly hectic and processed foods surround and tempt us. In the end, many people feel terrible, have no energy, and battle health problems. Read more about our philosophy for good digestion and good health here.

The Digestive System is The “Heart” of The Matter

The digestive system truly is at the heart of our wellness. Food fuels us and renews us or it ruins our health. After all, We are What We Eat! Let us help you take charge of your wellness. Our resources will help you be in control, to understand the true path to a happy and healthy life. 

About Kim and Paolo

Dr. Kimberly Perry

Kim Perry is an experienced wellness coach, academic, writer, and health educator. She holds a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.), a Master’s in Health Promotion (MSEd), Bachelor’s in Vocational Education, and Associates in Applied Science in Radiography. She is a registered Radiologic Technologist with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT-R), and certified Pilates Mat Instructor. _MG_8373-3

Dr. Perry has faced personal health challenges, and through those experiences broke from the traditional career and lifestyle of many health professionals. In her effort to seek a balanced and harmonious life she’s chosen to pursue a trajectory of more holistic health and living in a conscious, less hectic, less consumer lifestyle.

Kim has learned that none of us, health professionals included, are immune to health crisis. No matter how much you know about staying well, you can get derailed, run into roadblocks with modern American medical tests, treatments, and practices. It is easy too fall into the fad trends in medicine and supplements based on modern media.

Kim faced personal a personal health crisis including a debilitating illness of tachycardia, mental fog, and fatigue from Roemheld Syndrome. Her quest for a name of the condition and treatment led her to Doctor Paolo Cataldi in Italy.

Doctor Cataldi’s careful guidance put Kim’s health back on track without medication, using a simple food-based and lifestyle approach. During her care, Kim forged a lasting friendship with Dr. Cataldi, and that friendship led to this combined effort to bring healing to those in need of real relief.


Dr. Paolo Cataldi

Paolo Cataldi, MD, has 50 years experience as a Gastroenterologist, educator, and author. His interest in the digestive system and the effects of food on health began early in his life. His scientific mind led him to first become a Chemical Engineer. Then, he went on to become Medical Doctor specializing in the Gastrointestinal System. He became a specialist in surgery and endoscopy.

Paolo currently resides near Turin Italy where he enjoys writing and consulting for individual patients.  paolo_1_cropped

The recommendations Dr. Cataldi provides here, on his website, and in his other published works are based on his extensive experience and detailed observations of applying lifestyle and eating practices as a clinical practitioner. Over five decades he has made careful science based findings as he worked with thousands of patients. He now shares those invaluable lessons with people around the world through his writing and consultative services.

Doctor Cataldi is a “naturist,” he believes in healing and maintaining health through nature. Read more about the Philosophies of Kim and Paolo to learn about these approaches.

Doctor Cataldi has studied at the following schools:

Polytechnic of Turin, Degree in Chemical Engineering

Milan State University, Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the

Milan State University, Specialization with full grades and honors in Gastrointestinal Surgery and Digestive Endoscopy at the

Doctor Cataldi also served as a researcher at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, at the University of Hamburg (Germany). His fields of research included included kidney stones and tooth decay.

Dr. Cataldi is multi-lingual, speaking Italian, German, and English.